Favorite Verse of the Moment

"The Lord is faithful to all His promises and loving toward all He has made." Psalm 145:13

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TN Butterfly

Well, I have to laugh because I have named this post "TN Butterfly" due to it's color. I am, however, the absolute worst Vol fan that ever lived. I know...it's pure sacrilege. Perhaps it's because I watched a friend of our family live and die over Michigan's wins and losses and swore to myself I would never let a team decide how my day was going to go. I do like the color orange. I am proud to be a Tennessean. I wish the Vols well. My favorite thing about butterflies, though, is what it takes to get them to the butterfly state. Very symbolically I watched a butterfly emerge from it's chrysalis during a difficult time in my life. I had purchased the kit for my class one year. I was with my son after school when the magic happened. It is not an easy thing for the butterfly. It's chrysalis swings back and forth violently... and once it emerges the struggle is just beginning. But finally, when the wings are dry from beating them back and forth it is ready for flight. Who knows. Maybe the Vols will emerge as a strong contender this year. I wish them the best. But I think I'll ponder a bit more on the butterfly and remember the victory God gave me through my struggle. Emerging from struggle is a wonderful thing.
God bless.
6 x 12
Acrylic and oil pastel
Gallery wrapped canvas
Contact me if you're interested in this piece

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cat Folly

In a slump...needing some fun. You know, "fun?" That word that conjures up images of effortless playtimes you spent as a child when creativity flowed with ease, you took things far less seriously, and it was all about having a good time and exploring. When I was a kid I didn't worry so much about outcome...I just enjoyed the process. I'm no fine artist. I'll certainly not claim to be one. I don't have the training. I just enjoy painting and learning. But, yesterday I just needed to have some fun. I needed to start with a simple shape and play with color. I needed to take things far less seriously and relax... play even. Here is the result... it is folly perhaps, but I had fun. There's value in that. A bonus for me, my husband liked it enough to want to put it in his office. He's a fan of fun. I'm crazy about that guy. Happy Father's Day dads! God's blessings everyone. And... go have some fun.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mom's Chickadee

Well, it's been awhile since I posted. I've been doing painting of a different kind. My son is out of town and I've decided to add a couple of stripes to his walls and organize his closet. Yes, yes, those of you with children are laughing...and now understand. It was, mostly, a labor of love. I say mostly because he is his mother's child - I, too, saved every little cutesie gadget and gizmo that was awarded to me at carnivals, contests, Sunday school, you name it. I remember the frustration of thinking, "OK, where is the home for this thing?" And also finding it hard to part with the stuff. I'm praying that he will outgrow that as I have....though I admit having places in my home that still need some attention. Ahem. I mean, ok, let's be honest...an overhaul. So, with that admission and the joy of having completed a wonderful little room for my favorite guy I give you "Mom's Chickadee." This is by far one of my favorite paintings. My mom has always loved chickadees...you can see why. So cute. It was one of the first paintings I did when I decided to begin this painting journey. That little guy just makes me smile. I love his body shape. Such personality in their tiny silhouettes. God must've had a ball creating birds. :) I sure like painting them. Thanks, Mom for sending me the picture! I love you! And, I hope you all gain at least a smile from this little guy. If so, I feel accomplished.

God's blessings everyone!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


This painting was done about a year ago following an amazing trip I took to Monterey, CA to visit my sister and brother in law. We drove up along the coast. She patiently stopped and stopped and stopped the car to let me get out and photograph the breathtaking view. While the photograph I took of this little spot is by far much more beautiful than the painting which represents it, I posted it for a few reasons - (1) I spent my evening making cool little mini pot pies for my husband and myself using a muffin tin and little mini tops as lids and now don't have lots of time left for painting (2) I'm thinking of my sister who will be moving soon and remembering the time we had together last year and how much it meant to me, and (3) I'm trying to let go of my somewhat perfectionistic tendencies and just let things be what they are. I titled this blog entry "Overlook" for two reasons - it has a photo of a view overlooking the water as it flows into a little inlet area, and also because I am trying to learn to "overlook" those things in my life that have no real value. Lately the brick to my head that God has had to use on me reads, "Relax, Julie. I got this." The message loud and clear has been that God never intended for me to micromanage the details and events in my life - first of all He is MUCH better qualified and second of all, I just get anxious and upset when I try. Why? Because I can't see the end result. I just end up fretting over what could be/might be/could've been instead of enjoying what is. So, with that said, here's a painting I did to remind me of a very special time in my life. It COULD be great if I continued to fret and work it over. But somehow, just for tonight...I think I'll overlook it's flaws and spend my time enjoying what is. Because...I am tremendously blessed, and I don't want to dishonor Him and His gifts to me by missing it. God's blessings!
11 x 14
acrylic and oil pastel
gallery wrapped canvas