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"The Lord is faithful to all His promises and loving toward all He has made." Psalm 145:13

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cat Folly

In a slump...needing some fun. You know, "fun?" That word that conjures up images of effortless playtimes you spent as a child when creativity flowed with ease, you took things far less seriously, and it was all about having a good time and exploring. When I was a kid I didn't worry so much about outcome...I just enjoyed the process. I'm no fine artist. I'll certainly not claim to be one. I don't have the training. I just enjoy painting and learning. But, yesterday I just needed to have some fun. I needed to start with a simple shape and play with color. I needed to take things far less seriously and relax... play even. Here is the result... it is folly perhaps, but I had fun. There's value in that. A bonus for me, my husband liked it enough to want to put it in his office. He's a fan of fun. I'm crazy about that guy. Happy Father's Day dads! God's blessings everyone. And... go have some fun.

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