Favorite Verse of the Moment

"The Lord is faithful to all His promises and loving toward all He has made." Psalm 145:13

Friday, March 23, 2012


This is my current project - an afghan for my son's room.  I made it way too long...so now it will take extra time to finish it.  I like quick projects.  Ha!  What was I thinking?  I've come to understand the value of crochet.  Not just for its usefulness, which is something I appreciate, but because of what it creates in the one doing the crochet.  I'm learning patience.  They say it is a virtue.  It is also a fruit of the Spirit.  I'm expected to exhibit it, learn it, show it, use it.  Yikes.  Thankfully, God is more patient than I, and He is happy to help us in our weakness.  Crochet is helping, I think.  There are no shortcuts unless you want things to fall apart or look terrible.  Kind of a metaphor don't ya think?  We rush things in life we make mistakes, we screw up, things can fall apart or go off in the wrong direction.  My devotions have been talking a lot lately about how God is in control of our lives and is quite capable of planning and taking care of things - but only one person can drive a car.  If I grab the wheel, well...you know.

My family and I just returned from a quick trip to Chattanooga.  Thanks for a great time, Chattanooga!  I drove.  Ever driven for a long time and then had the luxury of someone else taking over the wheel?  Feels good, huh?  I started thinking about the times I grab the wheel away from God.  "Lord, umm...I know You are my Creator and you promise "all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose"  and I gave you my life, but, umm...it doesn't look like you're doing it my way?  I would do it much different.  Couldn't we go a little faster?  What if there isn't a rest stop up ahead?  I'm going to be exhausted.  Watch out for that!  Oh, I thought we would take an exit here.  What if there aren't any opportunities up ahead to eat?  Have you been on this road before?"  UGH!  So.  Here I sit with my crochet by my side just home from a road trip.  On the horizon I see three separate things about which I could very easily scream, "Watch out, God!  Are you looking?  What if....."  But, I will say a prayer instead, thank Him that He is the driver, ask Him to help me enjoy being a passenger, put my trust in His promises to get me there (wherever the THERE is that He's taking me next), and crochet, breathe, crochet, breathe, crochet.  Here's to getting out of the driver's seat and enjoying the ride.

For Addison

It's been far too long since I've posted.  I've kept my hands busy and let my mind rest lately by making my first baby afghan.  It was a different kind of bliss than paint and canvas.  I wonder at our God-given senses sometimes.  Soft skin of newborns, scrunchy soft fur on my sweet friend's puppy, the feel of sand in your toes, gravel's sound on the tires as you drive to a loved ones home, the feel of your child or spouse's hand in yours.  Our senses are amazing.  Why did God bother?  Why did He bother to let us feel the difference between a cat whisker and a fly or a piece of wool yarn?  Why not just see or hear or taste?  Why all five senses and in such depth?  Any dog lover can tell you there is another sense.  Spend time with a well adjusted pooch and feel your stress drain away and a calm, a peace fill you.  How?

  And another thing.  Why did God bother to make Jesus come as a baby?  Couldn't he just zap Him to earth to let Him fulfill His purpose?  He had to feel what we feel - a mother's love, a father's tutelage, the sting of betrayal, cool water on a hot day, the need to have a need met, suffering, betrayal, being let down, judgement, hunger, thirst, the death of a friend, the joy of a hug, the feel of  a sting.  All this.  This is my comfort.  He knows.  He knows me.  He knows me personally.  He was there.  He spoke and I became.  He planned it.  He planned me - quirks and all, all uniquely mine.  Why bother?  It pleased Him to do so.  Think about that.  It pleased Him to create us knowing full well all that it would cost Him.  He still did it.  Still bothered.  Still suffered.  Still died.  Ever held a baby?  Ever looked into that sweet face and lost yourself in the tiny exquisite design?  Imagine Christ's face on that baby.  For you.  Now imagine your face - Christ enamored with you.  That's why He came.  Not to the perfect...to the needy. It pleased Him to do so.  We needed Him and He came.  He knew we couldn't manage it without grace.  He knew we couldn't figure it out on our own or ever be "good enough."  He paid the price for us.  I don't know about you, but I sure need Him.  Happy soon to be birthday little one!  Here's to discovering New Life with Christ.  He says YOU are worth it.