Favorite Verse of the Moment

"The Lord is faithful to all His promises and loving toward all He has made." Psalm 145:13

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm "Hooked!"

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!  Well... I've thought about painting time and time again.  My mind was so busy I felt like I needed a new way to get rid of my nervous energy.  A student of mine brought in a round loom for "show and tell."  She and her family make hats and scarves and donate them to a local community outreach.  I was, pardon the pun, "hooked."  With all of the Christmas preparations beginning, I knew I needed something monotonous to do to just sit and unwind.  I began with a hat, then a scarf, then another.  I wasn't happy with just doing the patterns I found for the loom, so I decided to try to learn to crochet... and do some macrame.  I made a bracelet, two necklaces, a few coasters, some little circles, and a few granny squares.  The whole time I was working, all I could think was that this was, yet again, just another lesson, another moment God arranged just for me.  A reminder.  Patience, perseverance, determination... and peace - allowing Him into the small moments of my day. 

Talking to Him about the things on my mind, good and bad, and sitting in silence ready to listen.  Not a lot was said, but He brought peace.  There was peace in my holiday season!  A remembrance of why we celebrate in the first place and the depth of what that truly means.  Transformation.  He transformed Himself into a baby to live life with us and transforms us in the end to be more and more victorious with Him through His death and resurrection!  In all that silence I remembered that He's not done with me yet.  And, man, I am SO glad!  And I'm so glad that He has way more patience than I do.  It's moment by moment, task by task, prayer by prayer that He transforms me, if I let Him.  And, Oh man do I want to let Him.  The coolest part is that He bothered.  He could've stayed up there in His royalness.  But He didn't.  He thought we were worth the effort.  Worth dying for.  And worth waiting for, hanging out with, forgiving, loving, you name it. Wow.  I guess all of this knitting and crocheting has reminded me that I'm pretty "hooked" on Him, too. :) God's blessings.


  1. My daughter would be so proud of her teacher! She is making me an afgan! I can't wait to see the finished product-kinda like God teaches in His patience, one stich at a time! Way to be creative!

  2. Jenny,
    Can't wait to see that afghan!! Always knew ya had a cool kid. Pretty awesome. Yeah, Beth Moore (I believe) said that God made her a teacher because she had a lot to learn. Sounds familiar. ;)
    Thanks, Jenny.