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"The Lord is faithful to all His promises and loving toward all He has made." Psalm 145:13

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ah, Sweet Colors of Childhood

I saw the idea for this crayon wreath, as yet unfinished (needs a little somethin' somethin') on the site Pinterest.  I'm afraid it has become a bit of an obsession for me.  I've spent most of July browsing and filing things I've found there - diy crafts, classroom crafts, home decor, cooking.  Ugh.  It's endless joy.  As is like me, though, I have found meaning (or imagined it, however you choose to view it) in the lowly crayon.  I cannot explain to you how ridiculously restless I was once I saw the perfect little crayon wreath example.  I just HAD to make my own.  As is my way, I had to turn the crayons the opposite way, use a different fabric and leave off the flowers.  It still seems to be missing something, but anyway.  On to the metaphor....

I have to say this children's wreath is a symbol of all of the "playing" I'm ready to do now that I'm (just) over 40.  I had a fantastic conversation with the mother of one of my former students.  I think there is a certain fearlessness that you reach once you get to 40-something.  I LOVE that I can go to the pool and not care that all in attendance must wear sunglasses because I am so noticeably white (no tanning bed for me, thanks).  I love that I can be slightly over my comfortable weight and still feel ok...and actually enjoy myself.  I don't worry how loud I laugh when my son says something funny.  I don't care if someone shows up in the same dress.  I can make a fool of myself for the sake of a few little kids who need to get excited about history and love every moment of it.  There is freedom in 40.  Sure things begin to sag like they never did before.  My husband says, "What, so everybody should age except you?"  I love that guy.  Yes, these things may sound trivial, but freedom should never be discounted at any level.  My point?  Well, if there is a point to these ramblings it would be this.... play with your kids, find simple joy in sunshine and salt water (whether pool water or the actual ocean), and for goodness sake, go color something!
God's blessings everyone.  Happy "playing."


  1. Julie, I love this! I must make one for my studio. Reminds me of something I just saw in a gallery in Charleston. It was a large clear glass cylinder of colored pencils, they were just placed in going in different directions. Was very simple, but looked like a piece of art. I love your point of view of 40 something. I can certainly relate. I feel like coloring now. :)

  2. Carol,
    Thanks so much for your comment. I've been so disloyal to my paints lately. It's incredible the things I've found to do creatively this summer. I'd love to see your wreath if you make one. Everyone should play with crayons once in awhile. Take care and God's blessings as your boys begin a new school year!